VYSA Online Game Reports

VYSA has moved to an online referee game reporting system. All District (U13 and up) games are to be reported online. It is not an instrument for use by club scheduled referees (U12 and under).

The VYSA has automated the process for several reasons:

  • To make it easier for referees to submit their reports
  • To receive game results in a more timely matter
  • To help the Performance Bond and Discipline Coordinators by immediately notifying them of games issues
  • To make it easier for VYSA to pay referees

You will still be required to fill out disciplinary reports on the BC Soccer Discipline site.

In order to use the system, you will need to register online. Follow the link below and enter the required information. None of the referee data will be public. After registration, the referee scheduler will confirm your status as a district referee and your account will then be activated. This process takes anywhere from a couple of hours to a day.

Due to performance bond and discipline issues, submit your game reports by Monday night latest. Do not stockpile your games. Any misconducts will have to be reported on the BC Soccer Discipline site. Assistant referees do not fill in a game report, therefore it is very important for the referee to get the names of the assistants by not later than half time and enter the proper information in the game report including assistant referee names.


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