Life Members Award and Winners

The VYSA Life Membership is the highest accolade presented by VYSA to an individual who has made the highest outstanding contribution by the recipient in the promotion of youth soccer and a willingness to perform extra duties above and beyond expectations. Honorary Life Members - are entitled to receive the same information as is any other member, shall have a voice, but shall not be entitled to vote at general meetings.

Life members to date are:


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David Joseph (2008 - 2014)

David was involved with girls’ soccer for 31 years. First as a team manager and then as a board member of Vancouver Girls’ Soccer Association and Vancouver Richmond Girls’ SA. He served as the District representative to what eventually became BC Coastal Girls’ Soccer League and was a long time Discipline Chair for the Girls’ Metro Select League. In 1996, with David as Chair, the Clubs turned over formation of the Girls Metro teams to the District. During his 7 year tenure as Chair, participation grew from 750 to over 2000.

In 2008 Vancouver Youth Soccer Association, previously a district registering boys only, became a district registering boys and girls and David was elected to the board in the position of Vice-Chair Girls’ and Discipline until his departure in 2014.


Patricia Banks (1987-1997)

On the VYSA board from 1987-1997 and fulfilled a number of positions. Divisional Coordinator ’87-’05, Secretary ’88-’97, Vancouver/Yokohama Invitational Exchange Tournament Facilitator ’90, Referee Coordinator ’92-’95,  Mini Registration ’94-’97, Vancouver Cup Coordinator ’96-’01. Nagata (Japan) Tournament Organizer ’97. Pre-Season Guide, Nominating Committee. Summer Games ’98-’03.

Left Board in ’97 but remained in an appointed position. Elected to Board 1999-2006. Provincial Cup Liaison ’97-present, Scheduler '95 to present, Registrar 2007- present, BCSA C.A.R. Award, Pioneer Award ’00-’01, VYSA Life Member Award 2007, 4District Rep 2012-


Don Dancey (1979-2002)

1979 - 2002 Referee Burnaby and Vancouver 1968-1995, Scheduler/Referee Coordinator ’80-’86. Vice-Chair ’88-’90, Select Team manager ’85-’87, Scheduler Maintainer ’87-’90,VYSA Chair ’90-’02, Instigated Performance Bond concept ’88-89 and was on that Committee, ROC & Pyramid of Play Committee ’93-’97, BC Provincial Cup Scheduler, VYSA Life Time Member Award 2002, Pioneer Award ’02-’03 (was elected to the BCSA Board .)


Jackie Larson (1979 - 2018)

In 1973 Jackie registered her 6 year old son to play with Kensington Soccer Club (this was well before the amalgamation of Kensington and Little Mountain soccer clubs.) The coach moved to the Interior two years later and asked her to manage the team (sponsored by the Teamsters and Nu-West Video.) Over the next eight years she was the manager and assistant coach and also filled in as coach during times when it was difficult to find volunteer coaches. She was Kensington Soccer Club's Secretary for a number of years.

In 1979 she attended a VYSA AGM and was strongly encouraged by her mentor, Jacques Moon, to run for the board.

She has held positions' such as: Divisional Coordinator '79-'98, VYSA Secretary '82-'88, VYSA Registrar '87-'95 (asst. '95-'97), VYSA Boys’ Discipline Chair '85 to present, 4- District Discipline '87 to present, 4-District Board member '91-'97 and 2010 to present, VYSA Guide & 4-District Guide, VYSA Constitution Person '95 to present, Performance Bond Person '90-'02, Risk Management Person '97-'98, Coastal League Guideline Committee '97-'99, VYSA Calendar of Events & Board Member list, BCSA Discipline Guideline Manual Committee, BCSA Discipline Committee on-call member 2003-present, BCSA Constitution & Rules & Regulations Governance Committee '03 to present, VYSA Vice-Chair '98-'02 and ’06-08, VYSA Chair '02-'06, ‘08-‘10 and acting Chair ’13-‘14, 4-District Treasurer 2011- to present.

Jackie was presented the 4-District Pioneer Award for the '96-'97 season, the BCSA C.A.R. Award in '01 for Administration and the VYSA Life Time Member Award in 2000. In March 2011, Jackie's name was submitted by BC Soccer and she was presented with the Sport BC Presidents' Award in the Soccer Category, recognizing volunteer leadership across all of its member Provincial Sport Organizations.

Was presented the AC Sanford award in 2016 - to an individual in recognition of exceptional service to soccer in British Columbia over a long period of time. “Long time” is generally defined as over 20 years. Nominations are made and the recipient selected by the BCSA Board of Directors.


Heinz Heckl (1978 - 1994)

In 1969 the coach of the U10 Point Grey Rangers noticed that Heinz came to watch the games every Saturday and finally said to him “if you’re going to hang around so much you might as well do something.” This was the start of his involvement in organized soccer although he says it was Bill Mitchell, of the Grandview Legion Soccer Club, who got him hooked on soccer and by 1967 he was co-coaching the U14 MCL Jaguars with Roy Bendall.

Heinz was elected to the VYSA Board in 1978 and took on the position of Divisional Coordinator and was a Select team manager. Back in the ‘80’s the, then, “Metro” program was run at the tail end of the winter league and players’ could play for their winter league team and then be chosen for this District-wide team.

Heinz was appointed by the VYSA Board in 1990 to be the VYSSA (Vancouver Youth Select Soccer Association) General Manager and automatically filled the position of VYSSA Chair and became the liaison between both boards.

He was the Select rep and Secretary to the BCYSSL (“Metro” Soccer at the time, later to be known as boys’ Select soccer) League board from June 1993-1995 as well as Chair/Treasurer in the 1994 season.  He also was a Select Discipline committee member along with Jim Lammond of Richmond.

Heinz was presented the 4-District Pioneer Award for the ’93-’94 season and was the first recipient of the VYSA Life Time Member Award in 1994 when he moved to Victoria.