Who is VYSA?

VYSA is the governing body for youth soccer in the City of Vancouver and the University Endowment Lands. For more information read the history of VYSA.


" develop, promote and govern youth soccer in the city of Vancouver, building soccer excellence."

General Information

The Vancouver Youth Soccer Association (VYSA) operates as a volunteer-run Society under the BC Societies Act. A Board of Directors is elected as an Annual General Meeting (AGM). The AGM is held on the first Tuesday of May in each year unless otherwise noted.

Information About Membership

Voting members are team officials to a maximum of three (3) per team (and who are officially registered with VYSA), soccer referees registered annually with BCSA and VYSA (and used on a regular basis); and Club President' and Secretarys. You must be listed officially with VYSA as a team official no later than March 1st of the year of the AGM in order to be a society member and be able to vote at that year's AGM. Notice of the AGM may be given to any member either personally or by mail at his/her registered address, or faxed or emailed but a notice to a recognized Club constitutes notice to all members who are team officials from that Club. Notice to the Referee-in-Chief constitutes notice to all members who are referees. No proxy votes are allowed, and each member present may cast only a single vote . Any Club in arrears will lose its voting privileges. A copy of the VYSA Constitution is available at here.

What is a Club?

A Club is an organization that organizes, equips and operates a minimum of four youth soccer teams that are affiliated with VYSA and which have not less than 44 players registered with VYSa and BCSA. Individual teams wanting to play are encouraged to join their nearest Club.

Cheques Information

If you send the VYSA a cheque, please make it payable to Vancouver Youth Soccer Association.

Graduating Players

Coaches of U-18 teams are asked to remind their players who are graduating from Grade 12 and going on to post-secondary education, that they may be eligible for a VYSA Scholarship. Applicants must have at least a C+ average, but athletic, rather than academic achievement and what the applicant has put back into soccer is the primary determination in the selection of recipients. Notices are mailed out in April. (See Scholarships for more information).

Performance Bonds

Every club must post an initial $1,000 performance bond, payable to VYSA and, if not rolled-over from the previous season, must be in the hands of the VYSA Treasurer not later than July 15th of each and every season.

Throughout the season: Should the balance on hand, and after deductions, fall to $300.00, immediately upon notification from the Performance Bond Person, the performance bond must be topped-up to its original ($1.000.00) amount.
Failure to comply with any deadline may result in a $100.00 fine. Further non-compliance, after two reminders, may result in the withdrawal of services to the Club by means of removing the divisional teams from league and cup schedules until the bond is either received or topped-up. Note: these games will not be made up.

End of the season: Leftover money will only be returned if the Club requests it otherwise the Club will top-up the remainder of the performance bond by July 15th or roll it over to the next season.