In terms of the reason for the delay, in addition to the combination of the two boys leagues amalgamating and the use of a new commercial scheduling software, it seems that some Districts had been making changes to their team numbers until very recently. The League Committee has authorised the BCCSL Boys Head Scheduler to reject any additional changes that Districts might continue to suggest and work with what he has.

As of this morning, the scheduling spreadsheet is locked and no further changes will be accepted.

With the spreadsheet locked there is still work to be done in terms of ensuring we have the correct divisions of play, that fields are allocated and that a schedule can be created.

If all goes well with this, there will be a schedule in time for the 15-17th but it may be released at the last minute next week. In case, there are problems with these final stages of scheduling and there is another week of delay, I would advise clubs who wish to, to arrange friendlies now, just as a contingency.

Information will be updated as it is received by the District Chair.

Ian McCarthy,
VYSA District Chair