Please be aware that there are some new items posted on the website.

U11-U18 Pre Thanksgiving schedules -- It’s important under normal circumstances to check with your opposition but especially for the games that are presently posted as we’re still working out some bugs.

District Retiering Request Form – requests must be sent in by September 30th.

District Score Conflict Reporting Score – must be sent in by the Wednesday following the weekend.

Score Reporting – note that although the BCCSL Guide states that the teams report the scores on GotSoccer this has changed. The scores will now be reported to a designated person from each club and they will be reporting the home game scores on GotSoccer by Monday night latest. Please get your scores in by Sunday night latest to your designated club person.

On another note – anywhere that you see Divisional Liaison in the Guide please replace those two words with Designated Club Score Reporter: For instance on page two of the Guide: The Divisional Liaison Your designated Club Score Reporter is your main contact. They will contact you with schedule or game changes and track down any missing scores. Discrepancies in reported scores will be investigated by the BCCSL Scheduling Secretary, Fred Quan.

Also please be reminded that U11 & U12 scores will be hidden as they cannot be posted as directed by BC Soccer.

And finally, if you have a concern/complaint, etc we suggest that they should go from the team, to their club, forwarded to the District board and be passed along to the league board.